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Exosome Therapy and Long-Haul COVID

Dr. Nathaniel Shober01/27/2024

Exosome Therapy- A Beacon of Hope for Long-Haul COVID


The Potential of Exosome Therapy

Dr. Nathaniel Shober11/02/2023

A Revolutionary Approach to Regenerative Medicine


Unlocking the Diversity of Stem Cells

Dr. Nathaniel Shober10/12/2023

Exploring Different Types and Their Applications


Treatment Plans

Dr. Nathaniel Shober05/01/2023

What should doctors be considering when developing a treatment plan?


Are There Natural Treatment Options for Osteoarthritis Pain?

Dr. Nathaniel Shober01/16/2023

PRP therapy may offer relief from osteoarthritis pain without the need for prescription medications.


5 Powerful Anti-Aging Practices That You Are Not Doing Consistently

Dr. Nathaniel Shober01/11/2023

As a doctor, I love seeing the patients that have the desire to take their heal


Three Places on the Body to Minimize Stretch Marks

Dr. Nathaniel Shober12/12/2022

Skin resurfacing technology can reduce the unwanted appearance of stretch marks. Read about our innovative Opus plasma and how it works at our clinic.


How Quick Can I Recover From Dehydration After IV Therapy?

Dr. Nathaniel Shober11/14/2022

Dehydration causes problems like fatigue and headaches. Learn about the benefits of IV therapy for better hydration than a sports drink can provide.


Three Benefits of PRX-T33 for Skin Rejuvenation

Dr. Nathaniel Shober10/13/2022

PRX-T33 is a new skin rejuvenation treatment that erases fine lines and brightens your complexion. Learn the anti-aging benefits of PRX-T33 here.



Dr. Nathaniel Shober10/06/2022

What is Neuropathy, and how do we treat it?


Achieve Younger-Looking Skin With Opus Plasma®

Dr. Nathaniel Shober09/17/2022

The Opus Plasma is an advanced technology that reduces fine lines and other minimal signs of aging. Learn about skin resurfacing treatments here.


Detox or Fast

Dr. Nathaniel Shober08/17/2022

Choosing what's right for you.

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