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Detox or Fast

By: Dr. Nathaniel Shober


Take a minute to think about a few things you dread having to do, but once you do it, you are incredibly happy you did.  So happy that you broadcast to everyone that they should do the same (probably so you don’t feel alone in your misery).  A few things come to mind – cold plunges, completing a dreaded workout, having that hard conversation with someone, writing a blog.

What else? 

For me, it’s always a detox/fast.  No matter how much will power it took to not put anything in my mouth, I was always happy to have completed it, and felt much better after.  I have done all sorts of detoxes and fasts.  One of the more memorable ones – that maple syrup/cayenne/lemon detox, with salt water and smooth move tea for 10 days.  That was something else.  Not sure if it was a detox or one of those challenges.  People would say “just get past the first 3 days and then you’re golden.”  No.  Every. Single. Day. Was awful.  You think that’s gas?  Nope.  Then there were various 3-day water fasts.  For several months, I performed a 24 hour fast.  Fasting was my way of detoxing.

Nothing embodies (literally) “regeneration” more than a “detox”.  Through the act of “detoxing” or depuration, the body is deprived of foods that it is used to having, which allows for a build up of substances to be processed and eliminated.   This in turn promotes healing, stimulates immune function, decreases inflammation, and provides oxidative protection – all essentially “anti-aging” and restorative.  Things we breath, eat, drink, absorb have residues on them that impede optimal biological functioning, and should be eliminated.

People are often overwhelmed with the thought of detoxing or fasting.  Not to mention, there are so many detox kits, procedures, and methods.  Whether it means ceasing to consume anything except water, or restricting diet to a few foods, or drinking shakes and taking supplements.  None of these sound pleasant and we succumb to the notion that we would rather be toxic than endure some discomfort for a few days. 

But if you knew that the body is incredibly efficient at eliminating toxins on it’s own, you may be more inclined.  Through undergoing a fast/detox, this gives an opportunity for the body to catch up on some “cleaning.”  My favorite detox – the good old fashioned fast.  Nothing but water and tea for 1-10 days.  It’s free.  Doesn’t take much planning.  And it’s very effective.  I have seen a case of Type II diabetes reverse through the repeated practice of fasting.  

Detoxing and Fasting are not necessarily the same, however.  While fasting is a form of detoxing, one could detox without fasting.  The keys to detoxing is restricting substances/foods that are counterproductive to human physiology, promoting the release of toxin build-up, binding to the toxins, and supporting the channels of elimination.  One could very easily achieve this, without severe hunger pangs, restless nights, and ending a relationship.  

At Greystone Regenerative Medicine, we have a very nice detox kit, which removes all of the guesswork, has an easy to follow guide as to how to perform it, and addresses all of the keys to a successful detox.  No need to dread it.  You’ll be happy you did.

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