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PRP stands for “Platelet Rich Plasma”. Our very own platelets contain very powerful healing and regenerative factors. With the progression of medicine, we have figured out how to harness these growth factors, through concentrating the platelets and placing them in areas of healing need. Part of the reason why chronic and acute injuries do not heal very well or quickly, is due to an obstacle preventing these growth factors from reaching the affected site, or there simply are not enough growth factors to stimulate a healing response. Enter your very own platelets to get your own body to heal itself foundationally, without the need for pharmaceuticals, surgery, or other harmful injections! PRP promotes the production of different tissues to restore original function and mobility.

Advanced Therapy

As a patient, you are at the mercy of the doctor telling you what your treatment options are – including alternative, regenerative therapies. It can be overwhelming and confusing not understanding the landscape of treatments or regenerative therapies. Even the type of PRP therapy can vary from one clinic to the next. Rest assured, at Greystone Regenerative Medicine, we use the most advanced, science backed PRP therapy on the market. Not only that, but we will also take the time to fully explain the treatment and why you will get results. We fully encourage asking any questions you may have, and never view you as a “burden”.

At your consultation, Dr. Shober will examine your area(s) of injury, and you will be provided with a thorough treatment plan, that includes cost of treatment (nothing hidden!). On the day of treatment, your blood will be drawn, and the platelets isolated and harvested using sterile technique. Your very own platelets will then be placed exactly where the area(s) of concern is/are using ultrasound imaging guidance. Finally, the treatment will be concluded with advance class IV medical laser to potentiate the effects of the PRP and aid healing.

Using PRP treatments, your body is able to heal injuries naturally. This treatment is just right for those who want to use a natural method of healing, pain relief, and reduction of inflammation. For more information about this popular procedure, contact our Concord, NH office to schedule a consult with Dr. Nathaniel Shober.

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