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Heavy Metal Toxicitye

Somewhat of an unspoken condition when it comes to optimizing health, heavy metal toxicity places a “heavy” burden on the body when it comes to immune function, the endocrine and cardiovascular systems. When treating chronic conditions that are ongoing and never seem to resolve, heavy metal toxicity could be an obstacle to cure.

Heavy metal chelation (the removal or detoxification of heavy metals) can be complicated, however, and it takes specialized training to remove heavy metals safely and effectively from the body. At Greystone Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Shober has successfully and safely chelated through 100’s of IV’s. Great care is taken when treating heavy metal toxicity including proper heavy metal testing sequencing, monitoring kidney and liver health, precise chelation dose calculations (based on kidney function and lean body mass) and neutralizing the fallout of the chelation process such as free radical damage.

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