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The inevitability of skin aging is a concern for many, presenting various cosmetic challenges that can affect self-esteem.

As environmental factors and lifestyle choices compound over time, they manifest as wrinkles, fine lines, and uneven skin tone.

Plasma skin resurfacing offers a modern solution, targeting these imperfections with precision, promoting a rejuvenated complexion without invasive surgery.

Plasma resurfacing represents a significant advance in aesthetic skincare technology, aimed at revitalizing skin texture and appearance.

By employing the principle of fractionated energy, plasma skin resurfacing carefully ablates the epidermal layer, stimulating collagen production and yielding a smoother, more uniform skin surface.

This minimally invasive technique is an exquisite confluence of science and aesthetics, tailored to refine and rejuvenate with minimal downtime.

Opus Plasma Laser System Explained

The Opus Plasma device harnesses state-of-the-art fractional plasma laser to revitalize skin texture and tone.

Achieving superior results with minimal recovery, Opus is the frontier of noninvasive aesthetic medicine.

By emitting radiofrequency (RF) energy combined with microplasma technology, the system meticulously improves skin irregularities and stimulates collagen production.

Optimized for precision, the Opus Plasma promotes skin regeneration with reduced downtime— ushering a seamless integration of self-care into busy lifestyles.

Treatment's Eligibility Criteria

Plasma skin resurfacing at Greystone Regenerative Medicine offers transformative results but isn't suitable for everyone.

  • Individuals with pacemaker or stimulators of any kind ( spinal, brain )
  • Collagen disorders ( keloids )
  • History of, or active skin cancer
  • Active viral infections
  • Expectant mothers should postpone treatment.

Your candidacy for plasma skin resurfacing hinges on various personal skin characteristics and health factors. A comprehensive evaluation at our Concord, NH facility ensures plasma skin resurfacing aligns with your unique dermatological and aesthetic needs.

A comprehensive evaluation at our Concord, NH facility ensures plasma skin resurfacing aligns with your unique dermatological and aesthetic needs.

Plasma skin resurfacing carries the intrinsic benefit of promoting a vibrant, revitalized dermal appearance, a powerful counter to the relentless progression of chronological skin aging. This state-of-the-art procedure significantly diminishes the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines, restoring a youthful contour and enhancing skin resilience. With precision targeting of hyperpigmentation and acne scars, the Opus Plasma procedure at Greystone Regenerative Medicine is synonymous with a radiant, even skin tone that reflects health and vitality.

In addition to superficial improvements, plasma skin resurfacing engenders a deeper regenerative process within the skin's structure. The tailored application of RF energy incites collagenesis and elastin renewal, quintessential components for fibrous tissue strength and elasticity. Thus, patients often observe not only immediate cosmetic enhancements but also continue to see progressive improvements in their skin's texture and firmness. It is this dualaction—correcting surface irregularities while fortifying the skin from within—that sets plasma skin resurfacing apart as a premier choice for comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

Texture and Tone Improvement

Achieving a harmonious skin texture and tone is vital for the overall aesthetic of one's complexion.

  • Refinement of skin texture, addressing issues like roughness and unevenness
  • Reduction in the appearance of hyperpigmentation, including age spots and sun damage
  • Diminishment of fine lines and wrinkles, facilitating a smoother, youthful skin surface

Through the Opus Plasma® system, subtle and significant irregularities are meticulously rectified. With consistent treatments, clients can anticipate a sustained and discernible improvement in their skin's quality.

Minimized Aging Signs

Plasma skin resurfacing at Greystone Regenerative Medicine provides a multi-dimensional approach to minimizing visual signs of aging. Procedural precision enables targeted treatment of wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots, enhancing the client's natural youthful essence.

Such technological advancements stimulate dermal regeneration—a key factor in maintaining youthful skin appearance.

Decreased collagen production, inherently linked with aging, receives a substantial boost during treatment, promoting skin resilience and smoothness.

Patients notice their wrinkles become less pronounced, skin texture refines, and elasticity improves, due to plasma-induced collagen remodeling.

The process initiates a cascade of cellular interactions that progressively restore skin’s vigor, ultimately revealing a complexion that defies its chronological age.

Continued maintenance treatments at Greystone Regenerative Medicine reinforce these outcomes, sustaining the skin's renewed youthful appearance over time.

Prior to embarking on plasma skin resurfacing, it is essential to discern the nuances of the procedure. At Greystone Regenerative Medicine, exceptional care is taken to ensure the plasma device, operating with precision, systematically targets areas of concern. The device's integration of microplasma technology with fractional radiofrequency engenders a controlled and customized ablation of superficial skin layers.

During the operation of the Opus Plasma® system, its calibrated delivery of energy meticulously prompts the shedding of damaged epithelial tissue, while concurrently stimulating subdermal collagen synthesis. This dual-action approach is fundamental to the regenerative process, serving not only to refine the skin's surface but to foster its underlying structural integrity.

What Happens During Treatment?

During plasma skin resurfacing, precise microplasma technology is employed to systematically exfoliate damaged skin layers.

  • The Opus Plasma® device gently maneuvers over target areas.
  • Controlled RF wavelengths ablate dead cells and stimulate collagen production.
  • A built-in cooling mechanism ensures comfort.
  • The intensity of treatment can be adjusted to suit your skin’s needs.

Mild warmth followed by cool air characterizes the sensory experience of the procedure.

Post-treatment, expect some redness and peeling as your skin undergoes rejuvenation, revealing a smoother, refreshed complexion.

Post-Treatment Expectations

Following the plasma skin resurfacing, one can anticipate a mild sunburn-like sensation. This temporary discomfort is a normal part of the recovery process and should not cause undue concern.

Within the first few days post-treatment, patients typically observe redness and mild swelling. These symptoms signal the commencement of the skin’s natural healing and regeneration mechanisms, which are integral to the desired outcome.

The skin may exhibit signs of peeling and flaking as the rejuvenation process advances. This phenomenon is a critical phase of the treatment, as it denotes the exfoliation of aged and damaged cells, making way for the emergence of a renewed complexion.

It is of utmost importance for patients to avoid interfering with the healing skin. Picking or peeling can compromise results and increase the risk of scarring, thus adherence to aftercare instructions is essential for optimal recovery and aesthetic benefits.

As healing progresses, patients should expect to see a noticeable improvement in skin texture and tone. The full benefits of plasma skin resurfacing at Greystone Regenerative Medicine will be revealed as the skin completes its renewal cycle.

I am so happy to have found Dr. Nathaniel. I have always struggled with acne and scarring. I have tried creams, peels, micro needling, you name it! The opus plasma treatment has been the only thing that has worked. I have since regained my confidence back after getting treatment and my skin looks refreshed! The space is clean and Dr. Nathaniel and Amber both made me feel comfortable and understood my lifelong frustrations. I will most certainly be back!

B.J. Google


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After experiencing the transformative effects of plasma skin resurfacing, it is crucial to preserve your newly revitalized skin. Consistent and diligent application of high-quality, broad-spectrum sunscreen is paramount to protect against ultraviolet radiation, which can diminish the results and lead to premature aging. Implementing a skincare regimen tailored to your skin's specific needs, including products rich in antioxidants and hydrating ingredients, will support and extend the longevity of your rejuvenated complexion. Moreover, periodic maintenance treatments at Greystone Regenerative Medicine are advised to reinforce the skin’s structure and stimulate ongoing collagen production, perpetuating the vibrancy and resilience of your skin.

Longevity and Aftercare Tips

Achieving optimal results from plasma skin resurfacing at Greystone Regenerative Medicine requires consistent aftercare. It's imperative to note that the longevity of your refreshed skin can be significantly extended with proper post-treatment maintenance. The dedication to a prescribed skincare protocol will ascertain the preservation of your treatment's efficacy.

Post-procedure, it is advisable to enact a gentle cleansing routine coupled with products designed to soothe and repair the skin barrier. Avoiding direct sunlight and adhering strictly to daily sun protection measures, including the usage of SPF 50 or higher, will safeguard against further photo-damage. Moreover, incorporating targeted skincare treatments such as serums containing growth factors can enhance and prolong the regenerative effects observed from your plasma resurfacing experience.

Additionally, to support the skin's restoration process, a balanced diet rich in antioxidants and staying well-hydrated is essential. Consuming foods abundant in vitamins A, C, and E along with omega-3 fatty acids can bolster the skin's resilience against environmental stresses, aid in the rapid recovery post-treatment, and contribute significantly to maintaining a youthful appearance.

Furthermore, it is of great importance to schedule regular follow-up visits with the specialist team at Greystone Regenerative Medicine. Professional evaluation and potential subsequent treatments ensure that your skin remains at its peak condition. Adhering to these aftercare tips can lead to a prolonged radiance, enabling a restorative journey that not only enhances your aesthetic appeal but also fortifies the health and vitality of your skin.

Ongoing Maintenance Strategies

Consistent skincare practices are pivotal in maximizing the longevity of plasma resurfacing results. Incorporating a daily routine tailored to your skin's needs with medical-grade products is imperative for sustained benefits.

Following the initial healing phase, it's advisable to adopt a skincare regimen that specifically targets the maintenance of newly refreshed skin. Usage of sun protection measures, including broad-spectrum sunscreens and physical barriers such as hats, should be non-negotiable to preserve the advancements against photoaging.

Moreover, engaging in lifestyle choices that complement the procedure, such as avoiding smoking and managing stress effectively, will play a substantial role in the enduring health of your skin. These factors are known to impact skin regeneration and overall tissue vitality, directly influencing the durability of resurfacing outcomes.

Regular consultations with a skin care professional at Greystone Regenerative Medicine are recommended to assess your skin's progress and adjust treatment protocols as necessary. These check-ins provide opportunities to refine your post-resurfacing strategy and to address any emerging skin concerns promptly.

Finally, keep in mind that your skin’s condition will continue to evolve with time. Continued commitment to the customized care plan designed by your specialist is crucial to navigate these changes and retain a revitalized, healthy complexion.

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How much does plasma skin resurfacing cost?

Plasma fibroblast skin resurfacing costs will vary depending on the treatment you want. At your initial consultation, Dr. Shober will ask about your aesthetic issues and desires before explaining the various types of resurfacing. After this, he can help you choose your resurfacing treatment and talk to you about costs.

What is the recovery time after plasma fibroblast skin resurfacing?

Dr. Shober or a member of his team will give you recommendations on ways to speed skin healing after a fractional plasma resurfacing treatment. The number one rule is to not pick or peel your skin. This could lead to lasting damage, such as scarring. You need to put a halt to all types of hair removal in the treatment area while it heals, which includes waxing, shaving, or depilatory creams. In addition, you should wear sun protection or a hat when exposed to the sun's rays. Our team will recommend an ointment to help promote recovery for the treated areas.

Do I need multiple plasma skin resurfacing treatments?

The initial plasma skin resurfacing session usually offers noticeably refreshed outcomes for many people. To attain your ideal results, you may decide to get a series of 3 or 4 sessions scheduled 2 – 4 weeks apart. For extensive resurfacing settings, extra time might be needed between appointments. Following the first few treatments, we recommend arranging follow-up plasma treatments once or twice per year at Greystone Regenerative Medicine.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.