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IV therapy is a single or blend of nutrients in the form of minerals, vitamins, amino-acids, or compounds mixed into a fluid bag that is administered directly into the venous system. Some examples of common nutrient infusions include, vitamin C, B-vitamins, glutathione, NAD+, magnesium, zinc, alpha-lipoic acid, taurine, and many more. At Greystone Regenerative Medicine, IV therapy is offered as a part of a personalized supplement program, as an adjunctive modality to achieve optimal health. While sitting in a chair and receiving fortifying nutrients is a relatively simple treatment, there is a complexity that goes into mixing nutrients, and only trained professionals should administer IV nutrients.

IV therapy is a highly personalized treatment that can be used to help patients with various health needs. This treatment is fully customized to you to enhance your memory, mood, energy levels, and much more. Dr. Nathaniel Shober loves seeing the wonderful improvements this simple treatment can make in any patient's life and looks forward to sharing the benefits of nutrient IV therapy with individuals throughout Concord, NH.

The body is made up of trillions of cells. The cells form tissue types. The tissues are specialized organs. The organs make up different bodily systems. When an individual gets sick, the “illness” can be broken down all the way down to the cellular level – It is really the cell that is “sick”. When a cell is sick, it is difficult for it to transport nutrients across the membrane. The nutrients are needed for healing and energy production. However without the energy or availability of nutrients, the cell does not easily become well again.

IV therapy allows the “sick” cell to have full access to the specialized nutrients, without cellular energy expenditure, to become well again. In administering the nutrients directly into the blood stream, the cells are essentially bathed in healing nutrients.

You may be wondering, “Why can’t I just eat healthy foods for nourishment?” While a healthy diet is very important, nutrients from our food goes through the digestive process, and limits the cellular access to the nutrients. In order to elicit a therapeutic response, nutrients are needed in higher doses than what we can get from our food. In addition, consuming nutrients orally in high, therapeutic doses would cause gastric upset. IV therapy mitigates the GI distress through bypassing the digestive process.

Since IV therapy can be customized to your unique health needs and goals, almost everyone can be a great candidate for this revitalizing and health-enhancing treatment. During your consultation, we will talk with you about your medical history and current health to ensure there's nothing that would prohibit you from an IV therapy treatment. Typically, the best candidates for IV therapy are those wanting to boost energy and metabolism, strengthen the immune system, address vitamin deficiencies, recover from an injury or illness, improve the health and appearance of their skin, detoxify the body, and much more. In short, anyone who wants to improve their overall health and well-being can be a great IV therapy candidate.

At Greystone Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Nathaniel Shober will administer the custom nutrient bag in a comfortable, chair recliner. Before the IV is placed into your arm, your skin will be cleaned to clear away any impurities. Dr. Shober has performed thousands of IV’s, and most report a comfortable and easy treatment. Many of the issues that this treatment can help with include:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Weight Loss
  • GI inflammation
  • Skin health
  • Immune support/enhancement
  • Longevity
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Dehydration
  • Athletic recovery
  • High dose of Vitamin C for immune support

As soon as your IV treatment is complete, you can resume your daily activities. One of three things will happen after you receive your IV nutrients. 1 – You feel nothing. 2 – You feel a great energy lift. 3 – You actually feel a bit more fatigued, with energy coming the next day or so. None of these 3 outcomes are “bad”. It just demonstrates where your body is at with its nutrient status. All-in-all the goal is to get you feeling optimal!

Dr Shober was a huge help to me with my knee pain. The pain in my knee has significantly decreased, and I feel I am able to live an active lifestyle again. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants a nontraditional approach to their joint pain

J.B. Google

Wish I would have discovered Greystone Regenerative Medicine sooner. I’m a flight attendant and sitting on the jumpseat all month is brutal. My shoulder and hip are feeling better thanks to the advanced therapies. Once Dr. Shober gets discovered it will be hard to get in!

V.H. Google

I am so happy to have found Dr. Nathaniel. I have always struggled with acne and scarring. I have tried creams, peels, micro needling, you name it! The opus plasma treatment has been the only thing that has worked. I have since regained my confidence back after getting treatment and my skin looks refreshed! The space is clean and Dr. Nathaniel and Amber both made me feel comfortable and understood my lifelong frustrations. I will most certainly be back!

B.J. Google

Wonderful experience… quality and kindness unmatched. Very attentive to my symptoms and as a result experienced relief in my pain and discomfort!.

A.V. Google

I am throughly impressed with Greystone Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Shrober is knowledgeable, kind and understanding. Dr.Shrober truly has my best in mind. I am thankful I found him and I’m looking forward to being pain free.

E.S. Google


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Dr. Nathaniel Shober has extensive IV therapy administration experience. After medical school, he underwent a year residency in IV therapy. This included nutrient bag formulation, administration, and patient outcomes. Dr. Shober has a gentle approach when administering the IV nutrients. Rest assured, you are in good hands!

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How much does IV therapy cost?

Your IV vitamin therapy cost may vary according to the ingredients chosen, your individual goals, and if you want a solution for general wellness, after-workout recovery, anti-aging, treatment of inflammation, or another objective. During your initial visit, the full price will be offered along with your custom-tailored plan for treatment.

How can IV therapy improve my health and wellness?

Since IV treatment provides fluids straight into the bloodstream, it is able to supplement minerals and nutrients while completely foregoing the digestive process. If these fluids are consumed by the body and used as cellular energy, there are a number of benefits for a patient's overall health. A few conditions that may be improved with IV therapy are low energy, feeling bad after a night of drinking, dehydration, vitamin deficiencies, soreness, recurring pain, migraines, and brain fog.

Does IV therapy have side effects?

In general, IV therapy is a low-risk, effective method to administer nutrients, minerals, and amino acids when provided by a trained medical expert. Our practice takes extensive sterilization measures to guard against the chance of infection. It is possible to feel a little bit of discomfort from the IV, in addition to after-treatment bruising or inflammation, but these reactions usually resolve within a few days.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.