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What is Regenerative Medicine in Concord, NH

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What Is Regenerative Medicine?

Becoming better known, the field of regenerative medicine is continually advancing as people seek alternatives to surgery and pain medications. Regenerative Medicine is the utilization of naturally derived methods to stimulate the growth and healing of damaged tissue and reduce pain. It was once thought certain tissue types could not be re-established, the advancements in medical research have revealed the possibility of reversing this notion. Regenerative medicine incorporates modalities that aim to help the body self-heal. This may include biological material such as human cellular tissue/Wharton’s Jelly, platelet rich plasma, or exosomes.


At Greystone Regenerative Medicine, our signature regenerative program utilizes the most advanced regenerative products available in the U.S., along with Class IV LASER, PRP, peptides, intravenous therapy, nutrition, diet, and stabilization techniques. This combination of modalities has a synergistic effect to reduce pain at the root cause and provide lasting relief. Dr. Shober will do everything he can to set patients up for a successful outcome.


Minimally Invasive

The process of restoring joint health can be complex and involved. Greystone Regenerative Medicine uses injections that are precise with skilled use of ultrasound imaging, effective, and minimally invasive. Almost as important as the outcome is walking you through the process and make you as comfortable as possible.


Whole Body Approach

Treating an individual rather than a condition is central. At Greystone Regenerative Medicine, we do not only administer an injection, hope for the best, and see you on your way. Rather, we create a custom treatment plan that is both cost and therapeutically effective. A regenerative treatment plan may include:


  • IV nutrients such as NAD+, B-Complex, Vitamin C, Amino Acids, and Minerals, to ensure the right co-factors are present for optimal regeneration.
  • Platelet rich plasma is used to lay the groundwork for the cellular activity.
  • Peptide therapy for ongoing, natural healing and stabilization.
  • Class IV LASER potentiates the action of the growth factors and cells, modulates inflammation, and decreases pain.
  • Exosomes provide the “cargo” of information to activate and direct tissue development.
  • Diet modification to decrease inflammation, along with targeted nutrient supplementation that provide the “raw material” for tissue formation.
  • Stabilization exercises to offload joints, enhance mobility, withstand long-term use.


Ultimately, our goal at Greystone Regenerative Medicine is to restore your optimal health, and even surpass what you think is possible. Getting you to a pain-free state is great, but how about preventing degenerate diseases in the future? Ask about our Longevity For Life approach.


Trusted Provider

Dr. Shober understands that it can be overwhelming to make decisions concerning your healthcare. Patients are often at the mercy of the healthcare system to direct their care. Rest assured that the best possible practice will be employed with transparency, clarity, and integrity, with timely access to Dr. Shober. Dr. Shober only uses the absolute best in the industry. This experience will help you, the patient, feel confident in your decision with Greystone Regenerative Medicine.

I am throughly impressed with Greystone Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Shrober is knowledgeable, kind and understanding. Dr.Shrober truly has my best in mind. I am thankful I found him and I’m looking forward to being pain free.

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